Welcome to the growing community of homeowners around the globe who care about energy savings and creating a healthier planet for future generations. The most important thing to remember is, here at HomeLink Solar: We do all the heavy lifting, and you are kept in the loop every step of the way.

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We start with a detailed assessment of your past present and future consumption to find out what your real needs are. Sometimes more isn’t better. We will custom design a system that will make the power your Family needs based on the way you live.
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We provide you an education on the utility rates, breaking down and explaining the Time-Of-Use, Winter Rate, Summer Rates and upcoming changes to your utility company rates.

We do a detailed review of your soon-to-be-old-news utility bill. We do a thorough inspection of your current roof conditions. We assess the condition and capacity of your home’s electrical system. You get the right solution.


Our technicians will visit, measure and evaluate your home to ensure that a solar system is the right fit for you. We pay a lot of attention to the details during these steps.

Design approval. HomeLink’s solar consultants review and make any adjustments to your customized evaluation.

Permits. We then submit your design to your local city government for permitting.

Installation. After your permit is granted our installers arrive. They’ll go over your custom design, get your approval and then… the work begins!

City/County Inspections. There must be a final inspection by the city or county before your system can be connected to the grid.

Utility Interconnection. When we submit your documents to the utility company they’ll install net metering. Your utility will then grant you a “Permission to Operate.”


Continuity of care: Your same Home Energy Consultant that you met in the beginning, will remain your point of contact throughout your entire process and post-installation. We keep in touch after your solar installation: We want to ensure your optimizing your solar production and be there for you anytime you have questions.

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